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We are Stockenja. We love analyzing and predicting the future. Where better to apply this passion of ours? To stocks and poker of course.

We are the creator of Crystal Ball and Edge.Poker.

Why Buy Us a Coffee?

If you made decent amount of money using our software, why not consider tipping us? Our servers cost money and we cannot rely on advertising to make money yet. If we can get $100 a month, it will allow us to use better servers so that you get a better experience. However, we also want to get more tools to make our apps better. 

Our dream is that our software can one day support our technical co-founder so that he can spend full-time working on the products. This will definitely drastically improve the product.

If you cannot buy us a coffee, definitely consider sharing our tools with your friends. The more people know about our software, the more likely we will get more donations.

Crystal Ball

It all began when we started to learn about investing/trading. Just like all beginners, we had a hard time knowing when to buy a stock. After we buy a stock, it is also very hard to know if we should keep holding it or to sell it. To make things worse, analysts always give opposing opinions, which leads to inaction. Ultimately, it makes self-directed trading or investing very difficult and so a lot of people just don't do it.

We wanted to solve all the above problems so that trading/investing can be more accessible to everyone. So, we began to do our research and coding process.

We did a lot of learning on technical analysis and found that there is no such thing as a 100% buy or sell signal. However, you could try to look at the past and summarize what is the chance that a stock/ETF will go up. That is exactly what we coded up and Crystal Ball was born.

If you want to learn more about the algo we use, please read the 'About' page on Crystal Ball.


Due to our interest in trading and probability theory, we also decided to look at poker. In poker, we also found a pretty interesting way to create a greatly simplified poker calculator/advisor. We named it Edge Poker.