Dear all,

Firstly, thank you very much for your support!

We've purchased some necessary technical equipment to help our communication & preparation for media engagements. Also to help our workflow efficiency. They are modest adjustments to what we have & work with, which is minimal indeed. We'll always do our best to let you know how your support is working. Again, thank you!

February was busy, but March even more so with the scheduled debate for 15th March at 1630 GMT in Westminster Hall, London. If you haven't signed our petition yet, you can find it here. We would love to get to 300,000 signatures by debate day. For all other announcements & news, please visit out website & check out our blog or news tabs.

As you may know we've been doing more media engagements. We chatted with the 'Ministry of Dissent' on their live show & the Birmingham Eastside. We'd another major interview request come through & hope to record this the week of the 15th March. We'll keep you updated where possible.

In the time leading up to the Parliamentary debate, we've already spoken with the Petitions Team to go over formalties & have a call scheduled with the Petitions Chairman - Mike Hill MP, on Friday 12th March. We look forward to a productive discussion.

The petition debate won't directly impact legislation, but we certainly are pushing for this to go to the main Commons chamber for further scrutiny & debate, what with it being such a live, national issue. We'll make sure to be as impactful as possible with Mike Hill to ensure a constructive debate happens on March 15th at Westminster Hall.

Our work & commitment doesn't stop when the debate ends. Vaccine passports & digital ID is such a controversial issue in Britain & beyond. We'll continue where we can to pushback & defend our civil liberties & Human Rights.

We're very active on Twitter, find us @org_scp
For all other information & contact details, including social media, please visit us at

There's a contact form to reach us directly, or email us: <46>[email protected]

Warmest regards.