All the help I can get...

All the help I can get...

Jan 27, 2021

Welcome to my corner on Buy Me A Coffee! I find this platform a lot easier to handle then Patreon. Which allows me to get straight the point instead of scratching my head figuring out how to navigate around.

To me, supporting artists is a great way to give some wiggle room in their budget to create. Not all are lucky financially.

Me, well, the income from my photography goes straight into supporting my family. I am not so lucky on being to able to invest into my creativity. My family will always come first. Which made me decide to join this platform as a way to reach my goal. So if I am ever lucky enough to get extra funds, I will buy new updated equipment. My first 2 big purchases will be a new camera body and new computer.

My current camera was bought used and nothing is wrong with that but it is getting to the point of some difficulty. I currently have a Canon 5D Mark II. The upgrade I am aiming for is Canon R5, a mirrorless camera that is so quiet that I can take photos of subjects in their natural way of being and not be noticed!

My computer situation, well, my tower died. I have bought new parts to resurrect it but no new part is allowing it to live again. And I had a laptop that got burnt out and currently using a laptop that is so beyond outdated that I can only edit one image at a time. So you can imagine how frustrating that is when you are editing on the average of 100 images per session.

If you are wanting to support my art, I will be ever so grateful!

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