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Roll Red Roll

Aug 05, 2022

Hey Guys, I'm back again with another recommendation for you all. If you haven't seen this doc yet, I highly encourage you to give it a watch. Trigger Warning, this movie won't be for everyone as it covers some pretty heavy content involving rape. This documentary covers the Steubenville Rape Case in which a teenage girl was sexually assaulted while passed out during a party. The entire assault was caught on film by other teenage boys who sat by and watched what was happening to her. The young girl at the center of this case faced bullying and insults following the attack that she couldn't even remember taking place, and she only even found out about it when some of the videos started circulating online. This would become the first American rape case to go "viral"- highlighting how a small town can be divided between standing beside and defending a victim and protecting the rapists who committed this vicious crime.

I've included a couple of links here if you want to know more about this case.

New York Times Article: In Rust Belt Ohio, the First American Rape Case to Go Viral

Roll Red Roll Trailer

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