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Strange Lives 是一隊香港獨立搖滾樂隊,由 Elliott (主音,結他手)、Ethan T.(貝斯手)、Ethan Y.(鼓手)於2018年組成。

Strange Lives於十月發布第一隻迷你專輯,並獲得廣泛本地媒體的讚許。扭耳仔更表揚他們的編曲,並指出歌曲富有濃厚的英式搖滾感覺,除了傳統「三件頭」的樂器編製以外亦活用各種合成音效,成果相當不俗。如SCMP Youngpost所述,Strange Lives巧妙地融合流行朋克旋律和鉤子,並在曲中帶有豐富詞句。

他們也獲邀出席不同音樂節,包括 《Lion Rocks Music Fest》及 《This Town Needs Noize 3》,並在2019年6月為俄羅斯後朋克樂隊Motorama暖場。
Strange Lives於2020年7月發布第二隻迷你專輯,題為《Today’s No Different》。這專輯發布標誌著一個時代的終結,或許也紀錄了樂隊成員個人,以及香港人的成長和醒覺。

Indie rock trio Strange Lives are made up of Elliott Wan (vocals, guitar), Ethan Tang (bass), and Ethan Yim (drums). The trio of teenagers got together in the summer of 2018, and released their debut EP October of the same year, which was received positively from local media. NewEars Music even praised Strange Lives’ production, noting that “the band carries a strong brit-rock influence, and on top of their three-piece instrumentation, the trio also actively uses synthesizers in their production, which results are pretty impressive.” As described by SCMP Youngpost, Strange Lives cleverly blends anthemic pop punk choruses, noting that their first extended play as a ‘promising debut with meaty songwriting chops.’

The band was also invited to attend music festivals around Hong Kong, such as “Lion Rocks Music Fest” and “This Town Needs Noize 3”. They were invited to open for Russian post-punk band Motorama June of 2019.

Their newest EP “Today’s No Different” was released July 31st, 2020, marking the end of an era, and perhaps even records the growth and awakening of the band as individuals, as well as Hong Kongers as a whole.