Here is a little behind the scenes sneak peek of our creative process. Once we have done all the research and planning required to finish the script of the video, we start story-boarding on Miro. In this case, we are following a player, Henry, and the decisions he made during his last match. In the story-board, we write down the script as well as what we would like to happen on the screen in a rough (very rough) sketch. The next step is to craft and draw the assets required for this scene using Illustrator. In this case, we drew Henry behind his computer. Each element that is going to be animated, needs to be on its own layer. These layers are then imported into After Effects. Here we apply the appropriate effects like blur and colour grading first. We then carefully animate each layer to create the desired scene. Once the animations are finished we add the final touches like sound effects and other small details before the scene as a whole is finally done and we can move onto the next scene. Stay tuned for this scene in our next video which will be out shortly!