PHUKET TOWN December 2021 - Phuket Sandbox - Virtual Tour. Today we doing a walk around at Phuket Old Town Phuket December 2021. Phuket 2021. Virtual Tour in Phuket Town. Walking around Phuket Old Town. Starting the walk at Bangkok Road near the Suriyadej Traffic Circle going into Ranong Road, as you can see the local market is open again. Walking from Suriyadej Traffic Circle along the Yaowarat Road and turning right into Thalang Road. Turning right into Phuket Road and right again into Phangnga Road and walking back to where we started at the Suriyadej Traffic Circle. This is how PHUKET TOWN looks like today. July 2021 the Phuket Sandbox started. There are a few people in Phuket now already and Phuket is becoming a bit more livelier.

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