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Computer Science student at Buenos Aires University, Data Scientist at I write Medium articles about Python and Data Science.

After years of studying Computer Science and Machine Learning, I've realized I want to share what I know with the world, and most importantly learn even more.

You can check out my website, or read my articles on Medium or!

I want to reach as many readers as possible and help make Data Science more approachable, especially for beginners.

I won't let geography or language barriers stop me from chasing this mission.

I also want my writing to be a reminder that Data Science can be fun!

My funding goal is collecting 150 USD in 2019 to pay for my site's hosting.

Any help you provide, however small you think it is, means the world to me.

Thanks for helping me keep my site alive, and inspiring me to grow!

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Great tutorials!!

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I just ran into your site. It is the best scrapy explanation I have seen. Nice!