So what do you think of this? Episode 100 coming next week.

Apr 10

So my music has to change bad or sinister going on, just not willing to pay for a now more expensive license for the Be Epic music. I am strugling a bit because I love the "sound track" effect the original had, but what do you think of this one?

Mar 06

WEll... a Bonus episode

Haven't been using this site appropriately for the last few months, but I thought I"d share my foray into the world of education.

Jan 20

New episode First Look
Thought I'd drop this in here a few days early as a thank you for the help and support. Enjoy!

Oct 24

new episode!
new episode tomorrow. Released here to you a bit early. Thanks for the support. RElax and understand vacation Styles! See the link below!

Jul 12

Season two Intro. 2 intro. Learned some new editing tricks. What do you think? Trailer will drop tomorrow.

Jun 28

New Episode!
Hint for Episode 51
Season 1 announcement
Return to Venus
Season 2