I'm working on episode 52 this weekend. June 18th of last year my first episode dropped two days later episode two followed. I had many goals for this podcast. I've reached or surpassed most of them in year one. I promised myself 52 weekly episodes. We are now 55 total episodes (maybe 56 now) if you include Whiskey with the Whitmores (thanks dear) . Never missed a week was only late once. I had thought I'd be lucky to make 1000 downloads by now. We are closing on 3K. I'm really hoping we make it by the 1 year anniversary.

All this reminiscing to say Next week will mark the end of Season 1 of the Strive Seek Find Podcast.

But the podcast isn't over yet.

Watch this space.... Season 2 information coming after Episode 52.

Thank you all for your help and support with this endeavor. And as always: If you have ideas... reach out.

Keep Seeking. C