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My mission is to provide helpful and informative cybersecurity videos for anyone interested in getting into the infosec industry, as well as anyone interested in cybersecurity tips and current events. This is accomplished through three main content pillars that you can find in three mediums:

Content Pillars:

- Education: Videos on fundamental cybersecurity concepts, including information found in foundational certifications to help you prepare for your certification exam

- News: Cybersecurity news videos made to inform both infosec professionals, students, and non-infosec folks alike

- Interviews: Live streams with other cybersecurity professionals to learn more about their stories and to hear their wisdom on getting into and succeeding in infosec

Where to Find This:

- YouTube: Where it all began, and where you will find all three pillars

- Medium: Articles added to share my own thoughts on topics as well as educational write-ups 

- Podcast: Want to just listen to the interviews without having to be connected to the internet or YouTube? Consider checking out the StudioSec podcast [On Spotify] where you can listen to the interviews pulled from the YouTube channel

Do you something you'd like me to make a video on (that I haven't already done)? Consider getting me 5 coffees (one for script writing, one for recording, three for editing; I need coffee to operate) and I'll put something together!