Buy SublimeWiki a bradley’s house


Sublime Fans,

Those of us at the SublimeWiki ( and would like to have a fundraiser for Bradley's House to aid the global opioid epidemic. 

Inspired by late Sublime front man Bradley Nowell, the Nowell Family Foundation provides addiction recovery services to the music community through the combined strength of the industry and those who have been touched by the power of music. The Nowell Family Foundation is raising funds to open Bradley’s House, a six-bed recovery facility that will provide treatment for people in the music industry with opiate addiction, regardless of their financial situation. The goal is to offer a top level of clinical care, including medical detox and the ability to treat the most acute cases, through nationwide partnerships. The Nowell Family Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation.

In order to give back to the fans for the support, and as a result of the completion of reaching our donation goal, we have decided that we will release something very cool to the fans as a show of appreciation for helping us support this cause.

We feel that this will help further spread the legacy of Bradley James Nowell and Sublime, and it's a given that we support Bradley's House.

Stay safe and blessed, mask up #whynot?

// The Worldwide SublimeWiki family