The amount of net monthly wages paid has risen from the low in April to 19.1 percent.

Monthly wage data from Bank Clearing Center Ltd., which runs the largest national payment transfer network in Israel in June, show that the number of people earning salaries and the total amount of wages paid last month is 8 percent lower than in February before the coronavirus pandemic entered Israel. There were about 300,000 fewer workers receiving salaries.

Yet not all statistics are negative. The number of people receiving salaries rose by 5.3 percent compared to May, and the number of companies paying wages decreased by 1.3 percent. 3.37 million wages were distributed in June, compared with 3.19 million in May, according to the company's estimates. Just 2,98 million wages were paid in April when Israel was under lockdown. One can visit here to see the estimated worth use this salary calculator.

The organization reports June saw a 4.3 billion NIS increase in the gross amount paid in wages, while several businesses made annual rest and recovery payments. The total salary paid was NIS 26.9 billion. Total wage payments rose by 13.1 percent in June relative to May due to the remaining and recovery payments. The total net salary earned in June was NIS 7,974 compared to NIS 7,051 in May and NIS 7,286 in April respectively.

Taken together, the sum of monthly wages paid in Israel has risen 19.1 percent since the low reported in April. In March the sum was NIS 25.5 billion, and in April, NIS 21.8 billion.