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Financial donations will support the mission and operations of ‘Never Stop Looking’. 

Never Stop Looking is a global database of missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved homicides. Case files are predominantly compiled from government websites, national databases, personal websites dedicated to missing persons, and social media.

The purpose of “Never Stop Looking” is to provide a standardized platform for families, police, government agencies, and NGOs to spread cases unresolved domestically for more than a year to a global audience. The database encourages:

1. Compiling data about cases from around the world into a single location for use internationally or where the case might involve multiple countries.

2. Providing an easily searched, easily translated, easily accessed database that can be readily used by persons regardless of language or nationality.

3. Establishing a highly detailed, researched, and consistently updated database for increased reliability.

4. Offering improved, extensive filters for easy case identification where limited information about a case is known.

5. Identifying cross-border trends and patterns.

6. Facilitating the identification and comparison of relevant missing persons cases with unidentified remains.

7. Increasing exposure of unresolved cases to a diversified, international audience.

In addition to offering the “Never Stop Looking” database, the Suitcase Detective also provides to families and authorities a clean, easy to share poster with the relevant details in English and in the native language.

10% of all offerings will in turn be donated directly to families of missing persons or various charities that focus on resolving missing persons and unsolved cases who help to support our mission of expanding global awareness and tools to help bring your loved ones home.

Remaining proceeds will be used to help cover operational costs; for example, platform costs, maintaining the database, etc. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


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