'Never Stop Looking' (https://thesuitcasedetective.com/never-stop-looking/) is a database of missing persons, unidentified remains, and unsolved homicides listed globally. 

People tend to be exposed solely to local notices, but the benefits of globalization have also made the cross-border transit of persons more extensive. It has become both simple and practical to move people far away from those who might recognize them. This means that the person missing locally may not be a local at all . . . or that your local person is missing in a foreign country. . . or that the witnesses themselves were foreign and may have since dispersed. Both children and adults are increasingly trafficked across borders for any number of nefarious reasons. So even if the person isn't from your community, your state, or even your country -- look. Study the pictures. Give it your best attention and bring more international awareness to missing persons. 

If you are interested in having The Suitcase Detective include a Missing Person posting, please copy and paste the link to our Google Form into your search bar(https://forms.gle/N9oEN6JEYfsqdbEZ7). It may take time to process all requests we receive, but we will do our best to work quickly. We want international postings too!

10% of all proceeds from BuyMeACoffee will be gathered and distributed annually to families of missing persons and/or related charities. The remaining proceeds are devoted towards supporting the efforts of 'Never Stop Looking'. They can help us cover the costs of our platform, plugins, security, etc. All contributions appreciated!

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