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Hey 👋 Thanks for visiting. I would be grateful for the coffee, If you like my work and want to support me. 

I am a full stack software engineer specializing in web development using javascript.

Currently I am building tools and courses on Full Stack Web Development using JavaScript.

What you get with a membership.

You will be able to learn using the courses

- JavaScript

- React

- Redux

- Node Express

- Mongodb

- MySql

- Docker

- Git

And lot more...

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Release changes devlopr-jekyll - v.0.4.6 (April Update)

Apr 29, 2020

What's new ! Check it out here -

Well, tried to optimize the performance and added cool widgets for Recent Posts and Store. Hope you like it !

Updated Changes :

  • Hyvor & Disqus Comments System

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Working on next release of devlopr-jekyll !

Apr 09, 2020

Hi Guys !

I have made some cool mods in the devlopr-jekyll that you may like it. You can check that out by visiting my website ... see more

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Conor Newton bought a coffee.

Thank you for your work and time on the Jekyll theme. It looks great!

Thanks a lot !😄