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Black, White, and Reds

Sep 07, 2021

The wife and I traveled to Cincinnati last weekend to take in a Reds game. We last went in 2019 and for obvious reasons we couldn't go to a game last year.

Preparing for the trip I caught myself getting overly anxious about which camera to take, lens choice, and how to pack it all since no backpacks are allowed in the ballpark now. In different times I would've let the paralysis by choice overwhelm me and then NOT take any camera. Instead I chose to take the Holga and lean into its limitations.

I only took three rolls of film with me, two of them 400 speed (Ilford HP5 for black and white and Kodak Portra 400 for color) and an 800 speed roll of Lomography color. On top of being lighter in the bag they took a lot less room in the tote bag we took into the ballpark.

Once we arrived in Cincinnati I took note of the overcast conditions and decided to only shoot the black and white. Since there was no sun I didn't think the colors would come out well. So there I was taking pictures around the home of the REDS in black and white.

Irony aside I think I got some interesting shots with or without color.

A couple photos on the above contact sheet are "clones" of another shot where I couldn't decide on a crop. Whichever ones I finally land on will probably make it to a social media post in the near future.

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