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My name is Amber Jane, I'm an Aquarius sun, Cancer moon & Pisces rising. I love using tarot & astrology as a means to express myself & create beautiful things, and I aim to share my personal experiences with these esoteric tools in hopes of inspiring others to empower themselves in their own spiritual journey.

I have spent most of my life around tarot; my mum read cards & runes, used crystals & practiced magic so I was exposed to esoteric energies from an early age. There was always a deck floating around somewhere at her house so it was very normal to me to use those spiritual tools for guidance & personal growth. I remember shuffling my own copy of the Rider Waite deck when I was 12, having no real understanding of it but knowing that it possessed a very strong, very deep power.

I came back to tarot in my late 20's around the time of my Saturn return and decided that I was ready to dedicate myself to learning the art. And so began my official journey into the world of tarot. It was after I experienced a deep & profound loss that I witnessed the true power of tarot's guidance as my deck lead me through my grief & suffering, offering hope, love & a light to follow through the dark.

The traumatic event that I experienced changed my life irrevocably in every possible way & put me on a path of spiritual awakening. 

I now use tarot every day to speak to my guides, tap into the energies surrounding me & to ask for clarity and guidance. I also like to use it to dig deeper into my natal chart and to understand how to harness the energies of the planets & zodiac to reach my goals. And it is my ultimate goal to inspire people to tap into their own magical abilities and power through tarot & astrology.

I also create handmade luxe velvet tarot pouches & altar cloths on my website, along with beautiful authentic incense bundles & other magical items that honor tarot & incorporate the power of astrology.

Currently I am using this platform to offer free tarot blog posts, where I delve deep into my real-life daily card readings so you can get a sense of how the cards speak to me in real time about real life events. I explain how the cards in a two card daily reading can be read & blended together as one single message, how they support and strengthen the reading in a way that one card alone can't do. I also explore any astrological events that may be influencing the energy, as well as how the numbers, suits and zodiac aspects of the cards greatly influence their meaning.

If you find this interesting or informative, you are welcome to read along for free or, if you feel called, you can send me a small donation to support my work. Either way, I appreciate that you are here! :)

xx Amber Jane

Sun & Saturn

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