Daily energy readings.

Over on my instagram page sunandsaturn.co, I've been posting my personal daily energy readings in the hopes that sharing my real-life experiences with tarot day-to-day will help to give context to the cards & their meanings. Having a real experience to tie card meanings back to is incredibly helpful in understanding how tarot works, & it's become a favourite practice of mine each morning to say "good morning!" to my deck & to see what it has to tell me.

I always pull two cards for my daily energy reading. Two cards give more depth & meaning to a reading, & the pair often work together in harmony to strengthen the message & to give it more relevancy. I also like to include an astrology-based oracle card to give the reading some extra flavour.

I decided that having a dedicated space for these readings to live would mean I can provide more detailed information about the card meanings & what is happening in my life when they show up (instagram stories aren't the easiest format to get deeper into the nitty gritty). A place to share my real life experiences with tarot as they happen so that it might encourage & teach you to how to connect with & better understand your own tarot readings.

If you enjoy this content & find it useful, you are of course most welcome to read through and take notes for free. However you can, if you feel called to, support my work with a small donation by 'buying me a coffee' here on this platform. Donations don't require you to sign up & you aren't locked in to anything. Either way, I appreciate you so much for being here & I hope that you find this blog informative & fun to read!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all, I'm always happy to talk tarot & astrology!

xx Amber Jane

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