Hi sweet friends!

Welcome to my first official tarot blog post where I take you through the specifics of my energy reading for the day, how the cards are speaking me, what is happening in my life at the same time and any interesting astrology info I feel is important to note.

When a reader is giving a message, whether it be a personal one or something for the general collective, I often wish that they would explain (even briefly) why a card means what it does in that reading. So this is my own way of sharing what I know and my personal experiences with reading day-to-day.

I'm SO excited to start this project and I hope you enjoy it!

Decks: Ethereal Visions by Matt Hughes & Oracle of the Radiant Sun by Caroline Smith & John Astrop.
Tools: SUN Luxe Velvet Tarot Pouch
Influential Astrology: Mars enters Gemini (transiting my 5th house of creativity).

Four of Swords.

Air element: mental based, thoughts, knowledge, logic, communication.
Fours: Stability, structure. Either how you can best find stability, or an acknowledgment that you have already found it and that you should take a moment enjoy it.

The Hermit.

Major Arcana: an important message, a stronger influence. A major arcana card adds a lot of weight and importance to the general message of a two card reading. It "flavours" the energy.

Moon in Aries.


The message:

Since Mars in Gemini is triggering my 5th house of creativity, my mind has been exploding with new ideas, new creations, new projects; and each new idea brings with it a million more things to plan, organise & design. It's both exciting & overwhelming at the same time. Mars in Gemini lends a lot of strong, action-based energy to the air qualities of Gemini; seeking new knowledge, learning new things, interaction with others, feeing extra chatty, new ideas. And since this is all happening in my 5th house of creativity & play, my mind is racing. The negative aspect of this placement is the potential for mental burnout, as well as feeling scattered and unfocused.

The Four of Swords is a timely reminder to not over-do it mentally, to remember to rest your mind, take your time, meditate if you need, find quiet and reprieve before you forge ahead. The Knight on the card is destined for movement, travel & adventure, but here we find him resting after battle. This card follows the three of swords - the card of heartbreak, grief and betrayal, and so it's important not to race ahead before you are truly ready.

In my case, this card is telling not to force the ideas to come. They will come when I rest, when I can settle the mind enough to hear my thoughts clearly.

The Hermit further supports this message by reminding me that everything I seek lies within, and the power to connect with creative power, the universe, my guides lies in finding quiet, finding peace and listening to myself- beyond ego, beyond outer influence. The Hermit holds a lantern (wisdom, the guiding light) and carries a staff (or what looks like a traditional tarot "wand": indicating energy, movement, creation.) This card particularly strengthens the importance of the Four of Swords in this reading. Rest. Look within.

Moon in Aries: Protection. It took me a little while to figure this one out because I was (typical of Mars in Gemini) trying very hard to figure out the meaning. Once I gave my mind space to think about it throughout my day, the message really was simple: Protect your energy. Sometimes the messages from the Astrology oracle become clear after deciphering the planet & the zodiac placement of the card, while other times it is really quiet simple and surface level as it was in this case. In total alignment with the rest of the reading, it reminds me simply to not force meaning but to let it come through quiet reflection.

I hope this has been helpful is showing you how the cards can support & intermingle with each other, lending energy and importance to each other and even helping to expand on or clarify a message in a way that couldn't be done with a single card reading.

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xx Amber Jane.

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