Decks: Ethereal Visions by Matt Hughes.
Tools: Gold plated amethyst slab. Chevron amethyst is amazing for third eye connection & can help you tune into your higher self/cosmic guidance.
Influential Astrology: Sun in Aries, Mercury in Pisces, Mars square Mercury - making me feel like I'm still swimming back in Pisces season, just angrier.

HELLO, what an intense few weeks I've had! My partner & I decided, quite on a whim, that we wanted to build a house & the process took off much, much quicker than we anticipated. And it has been a wild ride; from feeling overwhelming confusion & utter panic, to hopeful & excited anticipation, we have been on a rollercoaster of emotions from day-to-day.

I read my cards every morning (almost desperately lol) for support & guidance, & this is how they spoke to me over a period of about a week.

Eight of Pentacles & The World.

Day 1.

This reading came a few days after we'd started the process & were just discovering exactly how much work we were getting ourselves into. Cue: Total overwhelm.

The Eight of Pentacles. This card clearly speaks of dedicated, focused & meticulous work - nearing the completion or achievement of a goal related to the material realm, but with work still to do. What really stood out to me in this reading though was the castle in the distance and how the figure is quite alone in his work. There may still be work to do, but are there people in the background you could ask for help?

The World is how my cheer squad/support group of guides show up in a reading, whenever I need a gentle reminder of my connection to all things; that I am not with out, not separate, not working alone, but that I (and all of us) exist within an intricate, energetic realm that connects us all to everything. This card represents your innate ability to co-create with the universe but, more specifically for me, this card appears to remind you to ASK for help. Your spiritual cheer squad are ready & willing to help you, but we sometimes forget that we need to ask them first!

So I did. That night I asked out loud for some help with finding a block of land, aaaaaaaand:

Temperance & Four of Wands.

Day 2.

A breakthrough! We managed to secure a block of land that was previously thought to be unavailable, and we even got it with a discount!

Temperance. Temperance is sometimes also known as The Alchemist; performing alchemy by turning thought into matter. Turning plans only spoken about into real, tangible things.

The traditional meaning of this card is essentially "moderation" which, of course, isn't wrong, but I feel that this card isn't always done justice. I don't really believe that an archangel is going to appear from the sky with huge golden wings, mixing waters, draped head to toe in spiritual symbolism, just to tell you to not overdo it. This is Major Arcana stuff, big picture stuff. Yes, there is a duality to this card that speaks to finding harmony and balance (with one foot in the waters of the subconscious & one foot on the land of the material), but Temperance is related to the sign of Sagittarius; mutable fire, able to change, adapt, to turn one thing into another thing, to take an energy that exists and transmute it into something new. It is not a Libra card as you might expect it to be (cardinal air - the initiator of thought), who balances the scales and weighs up all options carefully, taking into consideration every possibility before making a move. Nope. This is firey, mutable, Sag-the-Adventurer energy.

The Four of Wands is the moving house card, the homecoming, the celebration of home and family life, and a really positive, stable card.

Knight of Wands & Ace of Pentacles.

Day 3.

A decision was made on this day. A definite and concrete step forward and new things happening very quickly.

Knight of Wands is the fastest of all the knights in the deck. The wands (the suite of fire) are all about energy and the knights are very action-oriented, so it makes sense that the Knight of Wands races ahead with all of that fire energy behind him. Fire itself can change things drastically, intensely and very, very quickly, so when this card appears - brace yourself for change!

Ace of Pentacles indicates a shift in energy & universal movement to ground your manifestations and desires down into the physical. I always feel that the Aces represent changes that you're not currently aware of but are happening in the background, usually triggered by any recent choices you've made.

Nine of Swords & Four of Wands.

Day 4.

...And this is when my first real panic first set in.

This is the most self explanatory combo but let's delve into it a little bit further.

Nine of Swords. The nines are a culmination of every choice and decision you have made leading up to this point in your life, and the swords are ruled by air and related to the mind, thoughts and intellect. When the nine of swords appears in a reading, you have fears & anxieties about where you find yourself. You may be questioning if you've done the right thing; scared that you've made a wrong turn somewhere & worried about how that is going to affect your future.

The order in which I pulled these cards is significant, because it indicates my fear & anxiety around the future of my home, as depicted once again by the Four of Wands. If the cards had appeared in reverse order, with the Four of Wands first and the Nine of Swords second, this might have indicated that the move itself could lead to stress and mental anguish, rather than it just being a case of freaking myself out unnecessarily over the unknown.

Page of Cups & Nine of Wands.

Day 5.

Panic subsides - and I start to see things with new perspective. A shift of emotional energy and a sense of tentative excitement.

Look at that shift! The Nine of Swords taking the second position is so significant because on this day, I found myself suddenly excited; envisioning the final outcome of all the stress, and feeling optimistic about the future. Suddenly, my mindset had shifted from panic & anxiety, to optimism & excitement. Also, I love the Page of Cups mostly for the fish poking his head out of the cup and the look of mild surprise on the Pages face.

The Pages represent the very beginning of a journey (before the knights come racing in to take things further with all their forward momentum & energy), and they are generally optimistic about the journey ahead, imagining all the possibilities with a sense of wonder and excitement. The cups are the suit of water- emotions, creativity, stability, making this Page a bit of a hopeless, romantic dreamer. Oh, the possibilities!


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