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Decks: Ethereal Visions by Matt Hughes & Oracle of the Radiant Sun by Caroline Smith & John Astrop.
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Queen of Pentacles.

Earth element: Deals with matters of the material realm. Money, possessions, practical work, prosperity.

Zodiac association: The pentacles are of course related to the Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. The Queen is generally accepted to be a Taurus.

Queen: Queens represent either a real person in your life (usually older & wiser), but in a broader sense, the queen is the feminine aspect to the kings masculine energy. This is, of course, irrespective of gender or sex. Feminine energy is inwardly focused; creativity, intuition, nurturing (of ideas, projects, people). Within feminine energy is where we create our ideas, our plans, our visions. It is where we nurture our gifts, grow the seeds of our desires & hear the voices of our higher selves & our spirit guides. This energy is introspective, often psychic or intuitive, ruled by feelings & emotions rather than the action & movement of the masculine.

Six of Cups.

Minor Arcana. The day-to-day, changeable energies that influence us. Things that we have some kind of influence over.

Cups: Ruled by the heart. Emotions & emotional intelligence, desires, love, self acceptance & acceptance of others.

Sixes: A harmonious number. The restoration of balance & harmony after the first hurdle & conflict we faced with the fives. This card often brings others into the picture; an exchange, a give & take that can help bring stability. It indicates a time to enjoy your progress and have other people share in it, acknowledge it, or to help with you with it in some way.

Saturn in Virgo.

Saturn is the enforcer of rules and he expects (often demands) that you do the right thing. There are no shortcuts with Saturn, there is no easy way out, no skipping over the hard lessons you must learn. And if you try to avoid doing the right thing, he often shakes things up in order to force to back onto the straight & narrow (ever heard the often dreaded Saturn return?) Saturn wants the very best for you, and he will often dish out tough love to get you where you should be.

When Saturn is in Virgo, this tendency to be dedicated to doing things right at all times can often lead to detrimental perfectionism, the belief that if something isn't done absolutely flawlessly then it's not worth doing at all. This causes stagnation, frustration, and delays in achieving goals or moving forward, keeping us stuck where we are until we learn to go a bit easier on ourselves.

The message:

The Queen of pentacles is beautiful and abundant, but she is also generous, kind and shares her abundance with the people she loves. Being an earth based suit, she is maternal but practical. She knows how to nurture her finances, her home and her sense of luxury, as well as nurturing those she cares about, encouraging them to shine, freely sharing her gifts, love & encouragement as well as her material wealth. She understands that sharing abundance only creates more abundance in her life (abundance in love, connection, comfort, happiness, acceptance).

The six of cups, through its numerological significance, brings the element of harmony through connection to others, sharing ideas and kindness as children do; freely, without restraint or judgement. Pictured on the card, we see two children placing flowers in each cup. Spreading the flowers out across each cup creates more beautiful flowers to share and enjoy, rather than keeping one bunch to yourself in a single cup, for only you to enjoy alone.

This is how the Queen of Pentacles speaks through the Six of Cups, to teach us that through the exchange of beauty - flowers, patience, encouragement, kindness, love, even thoughtful gifts or useful information - we only create more abundance for ourselves, both material (pentacles) and emotional (cups) in nature.

Saturn in Virgo speaks directly to our ego that too often gets in the way, with it's fears that we're not good enough, we don't know enough, that others might reject us. The poor ego only wants to keep us safe and it will make up all sorts of lies and stories to keep us safe from perceived danger. The Queen and the Six of Cups gently remind us that love grows love.

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