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My name is Miko Bey. I was born Delamiko Toppin, but my parents changed my name to Lord when I was four, and most people know me as a Lord. Hilarious to me is the fact that 'Bey' means 'Lord' and how I acquired 'Bey' is a tale for another day.

About The Spelling And Pronunciation of N'Delamiko.

I am 47 years old. I was born Easter Saturday, April of 1974 in Port of Spain General Hospital, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

My half Venezuelan, half Trinidadian (all African) father, is Mansa Musa. My half Trinidadian French Creole, half Barbadian Scot & Barbadian Guyanese mother is Lelia Lord (née Toppin). My brothers are Temba, Kamba, Jomo (RIP) and Imhotep.

Basic Astrological: Aries Sun, Virgo Ascendent, Capricorn Moon, Venus in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Aries, North Node in Sagittarius

Basic Human Design: 3/6 Projector, Splenic Authority, Split Definition, Right Angle Cross of Maya (42/32 | 61/62)

Still doing it eh?

I am a mermaid. I am conjure. I am a witch. I was born and made of magic.

I am N'Ganga Zendaya Banga chaNjuzu. I am Hekait Mafdet Ani Ma'at. I am a water priestess of Shenu lineage.

I am Hija De Las Dos Aguas--a daughter of two waters. Yemoja, Mother of the Fishes, Owner of the Sea, owns my head and Oshun, Mother of Love, Sensuality & Sexuality, Owner of The River, owns me from the neck down. I am devoted to their service.

I am apetebii.

I am a Diviner and I read for people.

I have published a book of poetry, "Goddess Murmurs: Red Girl Musings" and you may purchase it here.

I am a proud Combermerian. I attended the University of Waterford from 1985-1991.

I have been published as a writer since the age of 17. I made editor (defacto) at 25, and in proper name by 28.

I used to be a fat girl for fifteen years... Now I am not.

I have a pretty distinct head of blonde dreadlocs currently measuring 33 inches in length. I like hats and coffee and beautiful men (but I never keep them).

I'm a sci fi fan. I love period pieces. I stopped collecting music in 2005, the year it kinda of definitively changed... I am an avid reader and mental cataloger of 'popular' and unpopular science. I have been reading a book (any book) since I was ten years old.

I am an unapologetic intersectional feminist. Die mad. #KillPatriarchy

I am a committed advocate for rape and sexual abuse survivors and against gender based violence. I am a LGBTQI+ ally. Die mad.

I'm here for the babies, bees and bippity bop.

I have lived in Woodbrook, Cocorite, St. James, Port of Spain, San Juan, Curepe, Diego Martin, Tortuga, Princes Town & Sister's Road in Trinidad & Tobago, Clacton-on-Sea (Essex) Larksfield (Kent) Charlton, Queen's Park, Fulham, Hackney Downs and Peckham Rye (London, England), and all over Barbados. I have spent time in Washington DC, Asheville, North Carolina, Atlanta and Cumming, Georgia in the US.

I have one son, Adedayo Bey. He was made in London and born in Bridgetown, Barbados in September 2006.

Dayo and I spent three years apart after my brother Jomo died... we're together now.

I am a digital native as well as a digital nomad. I've been a professional nerd for 27 years, and I'm really good at building websites, generating and marketing content and helping small business people earn money online. Follow my work blog here.

I am a writer, web developer, graphic designer, jewellery designer, metaverse designer, journalist, book & magazine editor.

I make websites, waist beads and digital makeup for a living. My main gigs are, and You can send me email here.