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hi there ! i'm sunny maria, a 21 year old french content creator based in london. i mostly make youtube videos around lifestyle and focus on creating a friendly, positive & relaxing environment to help you wind down a little bit.

creating for youtube is one of my favorite creative outlets but i work a minimum-wage job full-time and because my channel isn't big enough to monetize yet, i can't really afford to invest in it. if i want to continue creating quality content i need to get a new and better quality SD card (mine was very cheap and is currently broken and held together by a piece of electric tape....sad) and buy a license for my editing software so if you want to help me reach those goals for just the price of a coffee, i would really appreciate it 🥺 💗 you'll have my eternal gratefulness and if you want to drop your instagram, youtube channel or any other platform you want to promote when you donate i'll happily shout you out in my next video !