Are you afraid of speaking because of judgements? Or you don't have the courage to do so? Well, this is for you. I really believe that if you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives. How can we influence when we are too terrified to speak up? How do we motivate ourselves to have courage?

Speaking up for yourself goes beyond letting others know your exact stance and silence can actually have the opposite effect. When you don't speak up, this will give others the impression that you are okay with what people say to you or you are just being compliant with what is being said. My mistake long ago was being afraid. I was afraid of others telling me again that I'm "bida-bida" or show off when all I am doing is just speaking up and taking initiative. I lost my confidence for a long time and whenever I speak, I just stutter knowing that many people are listening or watching. But you know what, I conquered it. How? I faced my fears and pursued the field of teaching profession. I grabbed the opportunities to enhance my skills such as teaching some kids, practiced talking all the time in front of the mirror, participated in the class discussion, and I read a lot too. I really strive hard in order to get that confidence back and I am proud to say that little by little, I found my self back on track. I noticed that my speaking skills really did improve a lot compared to how down I was back then. Having the courage to speak up isn't being "pawoke" or "bida-bida" but being responsible and creating opportunities for things to change. Yes, it isn't necessary for us to speak all the time because there are circumstances where silence is justifiable. Just remember that before speaking up, you need to assess the situation and you need to speak up with a purpose.

This is a sign that If I conquered it, you can too. Never ever let your fears get in the way because that will only hinder you from reaching your dreams and making an impact. Speak up even if your voice shakes.