We are in a world where things are made a lot more convenient for all. Social media platforms are all in one gadget— connected and making it easier for people to do things that they want to do. Now, imagine a world where mobility is made accessible in one platform and you no longer need to jump from a mobility application to another. A unified and connected global mobility alliance for the development of mobilization in the world. Well, this brilliant idea was made possible by bloXmove.

An evolving solution provider that is using blockchain technology to build a global decentralized and collaborative urban mobility alliance as well as an efficient green energy reality, that is bloXmove. It was established by 3 genious co-founders with the aid of a powerhouse team—skillful and highly intellectual bunch of individuals from around the world. It perseveres to develop cutting-edge DLT-powered solutions that bring hyper-efficiency and a synergetic spirit to mobility providers while providing an impeccable mobility experience to end-users. Now, bloXmove has developed another technology, a decentralized platform allowing all mobility providers to join forces in one global alliance.

Included in this revolution, bloXmove offers 2 products which are: BloXmove - Urban Mobility that offers a simple and more convenient way of mobility connecting an urban mobility alliance across scooters and bikes, taxis and cars to buses and trains; and BloXpower - Energy and Mobility providing an energy blockchain platform that links together electric power and electric mobility to balance renewable energy grids and reduce carbon footprints. These products are just some of bloXmove's creative and smart solutions to the development of mobility in the community.

In terms of technology used in this revolution, bloXmove is definitely one of the most promising companies that uses technical solutions that are distinct and cohesive. According to their website, bloXmove is a decentralized ledger protocol that revolutionizes mobility and power by developing and maintaining a shared infrastructure, based on Ethereum and Corda, in which mobility providers can offer bundled services to verified users. The cross-company settlement can be automated and secured via tokenization. The bloXmove blockchain protocol runs in the background, unnoticed by the user. They are enabling businesses—both mobility providers and app operators to develop business cases such as collaboration in offering bundled mobility services without losing customer touch points, rewarding green miles and travel habits, and hyper-efficiency for integrations and settlement.

In order to make this initiative work, bloXmove partnered up with various companies and institutions which they divided into four categories: Mobility Partners that includes Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat, Dutch Blockchain Coalition, and Mobi; Energy Partners which are Energy Web Foundation, and 50 Hertz under Elia Group; Capability Partners that includes Spherity, R3, ONTology, and more; lastly, the Investors consisting of Blockwall, Master Ventures, Squares Capital, and a lot more.

BloXmove doesn't only provides solution to any problem, they are working to create decentralized platforms that promotes a revolution of mobility that doesn't have a negative effect to the environment which sets them apart from other companies. Because in bloXmove, they encourage revolution using collaboration and not aggregation.

BloXmove’s Website and Socials:

Website - bloxmove.com/about-bloxmove

Twitter - twitter.com/BloXmove?t=Oa-JviKoYwohSWYm_-8rew&s=09

Telegram - t.me/bloXmoveCommunity

Medium - medium.com/bloxmove

YouTube - youtube.com/c/bloXmove

Instagram - instagram.com/bloxmove?utm_medium=copy_link

LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/company/bloxmove2021/

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