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God speaks to all of us...

Hi, my name is Dani. For me, God gives me words, insight, and healing, through prayer, meditation, friends, church, sometimes in Facebook ads!

In February 2020, I felt God inviting me to start a daily prayer so people around the world could come together in peace, love, and hope and free ourselves from the chaos that seemed to be looming.

It's expanding and growing!

By 'buying me a coffee' (once or monthly) you would be sowing into my ministry. That helps me reach more people, expand what I'm offering, and share the love of God around the world :) My prayers have reached people in 35 countries!

You can join me LIVE for the daily prayers on Facebook. I'm also on Instagram. YouTube channel is coming soon! 

I also have a podcast exploring insights that God shares with me and the sometimes crazy reality of living a God centered life.

I'm so happy we get to pray together. Thank you for being a part of this!