Writing Dump

Sep 21, 2021

I'm in the middle of chaos... My mind is a chaos, a constant battle of trying to fight for what is right. But sometimes the screams are just too loud that I can't find a good reason to choose the right thing. But I'm still in the middle of the battle. It hasn't been finished. It's not yet over.

I guess that's the only thing that will convince me somehow... The battle is not yet over. At least when you choose to not give up on it.

It is only when you choose to accept defeat, that's when it will finally end. And the fact that it's still hurting and you're still struggling, it means you're still putting up a fight.

I don't believe that it's a sign of weakness to always complain and say "I want to give up"

I think it takes so much strength to utter those words and yet you're still fighting. It's one thing to say you want to give up, it's another thing to actually do it.

And if you find yourself releasing all that stress, allowing yourself to feel what you actually feel right now... Even if you feel like giving up, you are displaying a different kind of strength.

You're screaming and complaining because it's hurting.

It's hurting because you're struggling.

You're struggling because you're still fighting.

Nothing is gonna hurt if you give up.

The battle is only done when you put down your sword.

So keep struggling and not allow the enemy win against you.

Even though this may seem unrealistic considering how I really feel right now. I am just so done with life. But maybe this is my way of convincing myself to still keep moving forward. Just sharing this in case anyone needs it as well.

Cause I don't believe that my life needs to be perfect so someone can draw inspiration from me. I firmly believe you can be a source of hope even while you're struggling. People will hear you, because you're speaking from experience.

Yun lang. Good day to all.

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