A month and a half ago, my husband was just browsing through trade me and stumbled upon an opportunity that would change our lives. He had spent 9 years in my hometown working a 9-5 standard wage no benefit company which really offered no way of him climbing the ladder to reach his full potential. Instead, he mastered a trade. So as soon as he saw this job posted where he could be his own boss and earn as much as he could, that was it. He was hired instantly and we began to buy all the equipment he needed to get started, got our 2nd vaccine shot and here we are.

We are here in Auckland where covid is spreading because of the delta strain and careless people. His work is essential. It's his 2nd week working here. So far so good. I have to mention the food is incredible here.

Here is the view from our kitchen.

We are settling in well the cats are doing ok. I have started filming again. You can see my latest work on TikTok and IG.

I have missed makeup. I am currently setting up my freelance makeup business and I can finally start work on my online shop.

I'll check back in very soon.

If you read this. Thank you so much..

Appreciate you.

Kc. 💕