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Monthly Wrap-Up: February

Mar 28, 2022

Back-date: 2/28/2022

Our first month of support is in the history books and wow. Collectively, 16 awesome folks raised $500 for DMC in just 3 weeks! It's going to be a doozy to top this.

After all the middleman taxes and fees, that left us with $474 to allocate:

- $71 | 15% to support the Thurgood Marshall College Fund
- $300 | DMC logo redesign project
- $70 | Custom website theme
- $19 | Bot fees for February
$14 surplus

Since we have not started the website development, it didn't make sense to me to allocate funds to the monthly fee because we are not paying for it yet. Instead, I have forwarded our surplus into our new fundraising goal to reimburse our prior Nitro giveaways. We don't have any big expenses on the horizon, but we do have the monthly bills for our bots and soon, our website as well.

March is Women's History Month, so this month we're supporting Women For Women International. This amazing cause provides educational resources, job training, skills workshops, and victim support services to women affected by armed conflict.

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