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A wee bit about myself, so you know who you're sitting down to coffee with!

I was born in Glasgow but my family moved soon after and we ended up in Cornwall, where I spent my early years. I've lived and worked and studied in a variety of parts of Wales, England and Scotland and have always had a strong interest in art, especially drawing and painting. Despite being strongly encouraged to pursue the sciences, my heart has always been in the arts and creative activity and in the last few years I've begun to find some resolution to that long-standing conflict and tension.

I've been active as an artist for a long time, mostly as a secondary activity to a variety of "day jobs", and am trying to build this up now that I've moved back to Scotland.  I'm inspired by the landscapes of Scotland and Wales, the mountains and the sea, the dynamic light, contrasts, forms and colours in the land.  I'm also intrigued by people in different situations, observed from cafes and waiting rooms, the possible dynamics hinted at by placement and posture, the countless untold stories that I try to capture in my sketchbooks and on canvas. When inspiration is more verbal than visual, I capture thoughts and observations in a blog too.

My Goal is to grow my art practice and devote more time to doing this, doing and sharing the benefits of what really inspires me, in the hope of encouraging others to realize their own creativity and potential.

If you would like to support my efforts and make it easier for me to add to and build up these projects, well, a cup of coffee (even a bit of cake!) always helps ignite the inspiration engine and fuel the ship!  Your support really makes a difference, especially on the days when it all feels like a huge struggle.

Thanks and best wishes!

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