Buy travellingsurrogate a beer


Hello, my name is Kim and since I was 14 years old I have always known that I want to carry a baby for someone else. My Mum was a surrogate six times when I was growing up - surrogacy has always been a huge part of my life.

I am very happily child-free and I am 99% sure I never want to raise my own family (she types this with a 39 week pregnant belly tucked against the desk). Therefore I wanted to put my uterus to good use and make someone's dreams come true by making their family. 

A large part of me was also so intrigued and fascinated by pregnancy. Seeing my mum pregnant for all those years definitely made me want to live those experiences and understand what women go through. This has been the longest 9 month curiosity experiment of my life! 

A HUGE bonus for me is that I get full maternity rights - which means up to a year off work and guaranteed job security when I return. I'm going to use the whole year to travel the world. Initially these travels will be domestic in the UK in light of the pandemic and then I will go on to international travel once I have been vaccinated against coronavirus. 

Please do buy me a beer if you support what I am doing! Surrogates do not receive a large payment in the UK - we get expenses to cover all costs of the pregnancy plus a small recuperation break at the end - certainly not enough to fund world travels! I have budgeted wisely in the run up to this but I will be watching my finances on my trip. It would be lovely to "have a drink" with someone who has been following my journey; somewhere random in the world...