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Thank you again for checking out the podcast and being interested enough to at least click on this link to get here.

I created a few ways you can support.

The easiest is just buy individual cups of coffee. Just a 1 time thing.

I also created Memberships. Those are a monthly subscriptions. I have 3 levels, gas station coffee, fast food coffee, and fancy coffee. They all come with some perks, like shout outs on the podcast as the end of every episode. I plan on making "ask me anything" (AMA) episodes where I will take your questions and answer them on a podcast and those questions will come exclusively from the Survive Everyday Coffee Club. I also have some exclusive content planed like some creative writing that I have done old videos that will get mentioned but aren't up publicly anymore. The memberships allow you to interact directly with the show and shape the content of those episodes.

Every penny raised here is just getting put right back into the show. Upgrade equipment and adding capability is directly supported by you.

If you're able to help out, I would appreciate it. If not, that's cool too. We're still friends and I think you're pretty cool.

Thanks again.