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Hello! I develop and maintain open-source tools that are used by thousands of software developers, document writers, mathematicians, university professors, and students. My projects focus on minimalism, simplicity, and ease of use. They are meant to do what one would expect with a minimal number of steps. My top 3 most popular projects are:

TeXMe - A document writing tool that creates self-rendering Markdown + LaTeX documents. It turns any Markdown file containing LaTeX code into a self-rendering document with a single line of HTML. Yes, the document renders itself. No conversion from one format to another format is required. See for a demo.

Uncap - A Windows utility to map Caps Lock to Escape by default as well as any key to any key using command line arguments. It is a single file executable that you can just download and double-click. No registry hacks involved. No reboot required. Key remaps can be undone simply by stopping the tool. Additionally, this project also provides extensive documentation on how to remap keys using built-in tools on Windows, Linux and macOS. - This is a pastebin that supports LaTeX, Markdown, and HTML. This is used by users of Internet Relay Chat (IRC), mathematicians, university professors, teachers, and students. This lets you write your mathematical articles or snippets and get a permanent URL for your post that you can share with others.

While the ones above are some of my popular projects, I also develop and maintain several other projects at