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You are a Masterpiece!

Ah, painting... Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor... these are the mediums that enable creative spirits to soar. Reflecting on the past ten years of supporting myself as a painter of Nostalgic Impressionism and teaching the same, it occurred to me my passion is not simply adding pigment to canvas, though I do love it. My greatest passion is sharing the joy of painting with my friends, introducing them to their creative spirits and walking along beside them in their artistic journey. Whether we meet in person or on-line, I'm dedicated to sharing tools and techniques, encouragement and inspiration so their creative spirit soars with confidence.

You are an Artist. We are all Artists. Join me on this creative journey, won't you and buy me a coffee? Or tea!

Let me show you the way, all the while enjoying some of the most beautiful, colorful, historic, and cultural locations in and around middle Tennessee from which we'll find our inspiration. Don't be surprised if a few gardens, historic homes & churches, cooking sessions & recipes, and adorable furbabies may be peppered on top along the way.

And with your support, funds raised on this platform will fund more painting demonstrations and videos for students who are financially or geographically unable to attend in-person classes in Spring Hill or unable to paint with me with online tutorials on Patreon.

Join me in this mission to scatter joy and creativity, inspiration and happiness.

Thank you for your support. XOXO
Now, let's get ready for a little colorful, creative adventure.....