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I’m Susannah and I am an actor, creative, musician and writer. My work is created through various means i.e., Short films, poems. songs. comedy sketches, visual animation etc.

I tell peoples stories and use the voices of those who have been misrepresented, misunderstood and the many, everyday, unsung heroes!

We have been nearly a year in lockdown and it made, not only myself, but the world aware of how important the Arts are for us, both mentally and emotionally.

They have healed so many events in our lives. I continue to hear and watch many of my stories and others, through the various creative outlets I frequent.

The Arts help us to embrace, empathise and laugh at our wonderful uniqueness!

At the moment I am working on a few projects that I am very passionate about, these are all based around Mental Health in different forms…… Grief, Relapse, Hope, Trauma, Courage and Bravery to name but a few.

Our creatives are very much driven by our passion. In order to create and get our work noticed we require funding to cover just the basic costs.

I find it difficult to ask my fellow creatives to work for nothing as this is their job!

Currently our projects are self funded and I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in donating so that I may use the skills of fellow creatives and my own to continue to produce material that doesn’t quite meet, the BBC or Netflix criteria… yet

I have linked in with where you can …. buy me a coffee for as little as £3. No donation is to small as they all add up. Your coffees will allow me to pay for those colleagues who put the time in to make my work visible to all. And can enable us to continue to tell stories that so many can take comfort in hearing and connecting with.

Any help is appreciated and I look forward to one day buying you a coffee,

with love


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