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Hey 👋 I'm Susy. I'm a Mobile Film Advocate & Podcaster. It's no secret that I'm very passionate about storytelling and film and enjoy spreading the message of the mobile smartphone film community worldwide.

I am a pioneer in my industry. It began early in 2009 with the launch of the International Mobile Film Festival exclusively for films shot with mobile phone cameras as a live event in San Diego, California.

We work very hard to create and design this event for you online and as a live event during normal times.

I'm also the host of the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking. You can listen free wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. The newest platform launched by my company is Mobile Film Stories. It's the first smartphone film and video streaming combined with a community service.

I am quite passionate about all this and present mobile filmmaking in virtual and in person events like San Diego Comic-Con, and others. Recently joined the Clubhouse social platform where I am hosting speaking events about storytelling through film and video using smartphones. You can follow our club "Mobile Film Stories" and follow me too!

Let me know you like what I'm doing and support the work I do as I give a lot of myself, my services, skills and talents. Some of what I do is not only promote people. I personally recommend apps, gear and other resources in my podcasts, the festival, speaking engagements, etc. I spend a lot of my time working to increase the popularity of the global smartphone filmmaking community. Your support is greatly appreciated. Will you buy me a coffee? Every cup helps!

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