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Jan 17, 2021

I'm so excited! When I discovered on Friday night that Patreon had removed my page, it was irritating to say the least. I spent the evening researching the alternatives, and I chose this one in no small part because it's where Utsava migrated to after her page was taken down. Hey, if you can't trust a psychic...

Doing that research helped to dissipate the negativity around the loss of my work...but the truth is that it hasn't been lost. The information found its target and it's out there now, and we know that more people are waking up literally every day. Humanity is on a roll!

The real letting go of Patreon took place once I had this page ready to launch. The last step was to write a post for the Golden Age of Gaia, and those words just formed and flowed out. Once they were in place and I hit 'publish' to post the impassioned invitation to buy me a Trip to the Stars (I only drink coffee on occasion), whatever upset I was holding onto over 'what was done to me' just dissipated.

It definitely isn't about me. It's a Freedom thing and we will not ever be under communist rule.

Things happened rapidly after that and I'm delighted that our community is growing beautifully again. I do still need to send emails out to folks who don't read the GAoG, though. My enthusiasm for being in this communications role has gotten a turbo-boost, in no small part because of your enthusiasm and support. I bow in gratitude for your presence and your interest, and for these most exciting times on Earth.

Collectively for those who have awareness, it feels now like going to a job interview we don't really need. There's nothing to worry about in terms of outcome, but we do need to navigate the rough waters of this particular Storm with calm and happy hearts. Being well-informed about things truly does help in that regard.

Thank you so much for your faith and trust, and for your loving support. You've all helped me to clear out the funkiness and get back to work.

We're going Quantum!

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