Hi there! Today I’m sharing some behind the scenes news from the studio about the graphic novel I’m working on called FlickerLight. (The following is my WIP on the masthead concept.)

The book/story has been written for a bit and writing it helped me in so many ways. Among them - the easier to share, and more obvious - puzzling out the story, learning more about physics (or trying to) and working out bits of the story during my commute.

I wrote the story of FlickerLight over a couple of years and finished a couple of years ago. Since then I trained more formally in illustration and I decided to turn FlickerLight into a graphic novel recently after my daughter suggested it.

So what’s FlickerLight about? (Genre: Sci-fi (physics) meets fantasy) Here’s a short description:

Unknown layers upon layer of dimensions are continually being woven into the universe in an intricate, often invisible to the eye, tapestry made of lofty equations, new-to-us science, and gossamer “strings”.

This great inter-weaving intersects through a planet in a dimension impossibly far from our own, revisiting over and over again. The repetitive, unpredictable meeting of dimensions is known to the people of this world as the “FlickerLight” and it leaves lives tossed about like autumn leaves.

The first release in the collection of FlickerLight chapters has the working title: “Chapter 1: Reentry”. The drawing below is the framework for page 1 to take to ink.

The issues may eventually be compiled into a “tome” but I’m figuring it out one thing at a time.

Take care and thanks for stopping by! I’m excited about the project and am working on it after my regular day job so this will be a journey, not particularly fast in the making, but I hope you’ll join me as I work!

Talk to you soon!