I am Ukrainian

Apr 20, 2022

I am Ukrainian. Always been and always be.

I was born in a free, independent Ukraine and have always lived here. More than a month ago, a war broke into my country. It deprived a lot of people of their homes, it also has taken many lives.

Russian troops are bombing peaceful homes, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, city sights and even zoos.

I am Kharkiv.

I am the face, I am the soul of Kharkiv.
My city has the largest number of damaged and destroyed residential buildings in the entire country. After a month of the war, their number is about 1900. 1900! Think about this number! 1900 houses! Most of this houses are multi-storey.

But we are Ukrainians!

And this means that we will never submit to the attackers! We are Ukrainians and will never become a Russian province! Hundreds of our raped, tortured, murdered girls will be resurrected as Mavkas. And they will not spare a single Russian soldier with Ukrainian blood on their hands.

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