Don't ever try this curse game.

This is how you play this game. If you are not careful enough to do this game, you will die by unconscious for too long.

First, you have to gather all of your friends as a player. Prepare your bondpaper and drawing tools. Of how many players you have is the number of bondpapers for each players should have. Example, if all of you are 6 players, each of you must have 6 bondpapers and drawing tools.

Also, buy a white candle signs of protection or black to remove the negative energy around your room. Don't ever use the blue candle to this game because it can attract some evil spirits. Let's get start the game.

Sit down and form a circle. Prepare your paper and drawing tools beside you. Be careful not to cause any fire. Light up your candle and let it stand at the middle of your circle.

Hold each other's hand tightly as you will never let them go. Make sure you are completely conscious while holding each others hands. Blow the candle while all of you are eyes closed.

Then, imagine the first place you are all together like neighborhoods.

Enter inside the mansion you are imagining with. You must see your friends entering inside their own mansions.

Now, imagine that each one of you have 1 enemy inside the mansion as every hole of that mansion will close and you are unable to escape. Now, it is time for you to escape. Think that all of you are in danger while that evil creature is chasing all of you but you can talk to each other like "Where are you now!" "Help me here they are chasing me!!!!"

Escape out from inside that mansion of yours. Don't let the evil creature catch you and kill you while you are inside that mansion. Help each other by shouting or calling each others name.

If all of you escaped from your mansion, count one to three and open your eyes together.

And then, light up the candle again and start to draw all mansions you saw. Dont look to each other's arts.

After an hour of drawing it, show to others your drawings and see if some of you matches your drawings.

If all of them matched, means what mansions you imagined are mansions that your friends ever imagined.