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I love playing the 'ukulele - especially tin pan alley and somewhat obscure songs.

I call my website "A Home for all things 'Ukulele". It contains the play-a-long song sheets I create for the music I share and it's also chock full of other 'ukulele fun. My YouTube channel holds videos of these songs along with tutorials so that you too are able to learn these fun songs!

I love teaching and I love to participate in 'ukulele festivals as a teacher/performer. If you have a desire for me to participate in your next event or help you create an event just leave a message and I'll be in touch with you!

Thanks for the coffee and maybe we can share the next cup in person!

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Thanks for playing your music and sharing song sheets with us!  

Thanks so much for you support- I’m glad you enjoy!

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A terrific tribute to the old songs, and a valuable resource to keep them alive. Nice, easy, nostalgic, and complete with almost lost verses.  Many thanks. (This didn't work the first time, so you may get 2 cups out of me, with many more to come. Bill 

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Great site! Thanks so much!

Thank you for your support and I’m glad you are enjoying!

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Thank you for your dedication and sharing ! The best thing on Facebook today !!!

Thanks for your support of my website- I really appreciate it!

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sorry - mucked up the first one - galloping senility !!!

Thanks for your support and generosity Jim!