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I'm the founder of the web site, and the Drafts app TADpoLe library (and related action groups). I create content that I hope others find useful and publish it for free online.

Most days I run on caffeine.  If you found any of my writing, forum help or my other offerings useful and can spare the price of a coffee that would be appreciated and might just keep me running to write my next post.
George bought 2 coffees.

Thanks Stephen for the Drafts Thesaurus and Encryption actions, and all you do for the Drafts community.

J Eckenroth
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Thank you for all your help and work you put in to making Drafts even better. 🙏🏻

Wow. Thanks for the coffees Simon - much appreciated! I've still got more to do, and Greg keeps giving me new stuff that inspires even more ideas for stuff I can do with Drafts.

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Thanks for helping me (and everyone else) out there on the forums!

I try and make myself useful 😉  Thank you very much for the coffee Mike. At some point I will get the chance to go to my village coffee shop again; UK Covid-19 restrictions are unsurprisingly cramping my coffee shop time - I've had none since March in fact, but 2021 and vaccinations will hopefully change that.

Philo Chang
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Thanks for your creation.

Thanks, I'm glad you are finding it useful, and thanks for the coffee!!☕️ 😀