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I'm the founder of the web site I create content that I hope others find useful and publish it for free online.

Most days I run on caffeine.  If you found any of my writing useful and can spare the price of a coffee that would be appreciated and might just keep me running to write my next post.
@tdnvl bought a coffee.

Thanks for helping with the case-converting snippets! 🙏

Thanks Thomas, that's very kind. I look forward to a nice coffee once the UK lock down lifts and the coffee shops reopen. 😀

Christian Fritze bought 3 coffees.

for your postings on ThoughtsAsylum, but even more for the help and examples you offer on the automators and drafts forums. It'd gotten me started playing more with Drafts and Scriptable.

That's extremely kind of you. Thank you very much! ☕️ 😀