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I'm the founder of the web site, and the Drafts app TADpoLe library (and related action groups). I create content that I hope others find useful and publish it for free online.

Most days I run on caffeine.  If you found any of my writing, forum help or my other offerings useful and can spare the price of a coffee that would be appreciated and might just keep me running to write my next post.
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Great work with Drafts

Thank you so much Niall, much appreciated.  There's a new, and I think pretty significant, Drafts related project I'm working on right now.  If everything works out, I'll be collaborating on it soon with some other Drafts aficionados.  I'm not sure when it will be out as it is still early days on the practical side, but it is underway, and I have high hopes that you and other Drafts users will find it useful.

Oh sounds interesting count me in for any beta testing 

Thanks, I'll definitely keep it in mind. It is probably pre-alpha right now, as there's a bit of design and build going on, but as a pre-cursor to the main planning and build with the others (I'm the one with the vision of what it will be I think). At some point I'm sure the option of opening things up for a small pilot will come up, so I guess your name is top of the list 🙂

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Jason Frasca
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Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular coffee shop trips and having a good fresh brew while I work.

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Deep gratitude. 

Wow Jacob, that's hugely generous of you. That'll certainly caffeinate me through quite a few visits to my local coffee shop!