I saw there was news that at an environmental conference Joe Biden said he has cancer, but was claimed to be yet another gaffe.

One of the first articles I found on a search on this topic: "President Biden said Wednesday that he has cancer, forcing the White House press office to quickly clarify that he was referring to skin cancer treatment that he had before taking office last year."from the NYPost.

This is the first time I've heard that Biden previously had cancer. Is that supposed to be disclosed when running for President?

If you read my horoscope for this week you would have seen that we have Pluto in Capricorn opposite Mercury and the Sun in Cancer early this week.

Mercury and the Sun are now separating from exact opposition to Pluto as they move forward through the zodiac, but the Sun is still in Cancer and still in close orb of degree.

Capricorn rules authority figures, especially politicians and Pluto is death, disease, sickness, illness and destruction, which of course associated to cancer, opposite to Mercury and the Sun in Cancer signifies news and an announcement that brings new awareness.

Capricorn is also an earth sign signifying the environment and physical body, as does Cancer with the body as your home. Pluto is also associated to wealth and the underworld, having it's relation to the oil industry. Cancer also is a water sign, ruling liquids, just as Scorpio is a water sign which is ruled by Pluto.

Interestingly enough when I was working on the horoscope for this week I was considering using an oil rig but ended up with another as many of the oil rig images were in the ocean, which is more associated with Pisces, not Cancer, so I moved on to other ideas for the horoscope image.

These are quite the coincidences. Can you believe the timing of this? What are the odds?