We had the Full Moon in Sagittarius to start the week, and the interesting thing I heard about this week was that the Pope declared that we are in WW3 - on June 15, 2022. Yikes! That's an interesting claim at this time considering Jupiter and Mars are both in Aries, and we just had the Full Moon in Sagittarius pointing to religious figures on the global stage. This is a big statement associated to war and beliefs. Mars (the warrior) connected with Chiron on June 15th in Aries and Venus also connected with the Destiny Point in Taurus on the same day (and Taurus is associated to the Hierophant (Pope) in the Tarot). I've only heard this on social media and searches show this on various sites but mainstream media doesn't seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on this perspective. However, the timing of hearing of such a statement to come out associated with a global religious figure certainly is quite a coincidence.

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