The Synthesis Clinic Podcast - Clinic, Clients, Connection - aims to bring you closer to experts in precision health and integrative medicine, as well as sharing stories from the award-winning Synthesis Clinic and beyond of real-life resilience, connection, and transformation. We hope this will be a resource to help empower people on their path to better health and truly connect the dots for women’s health and integrative cancer care.

The podcast co-hosted by Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel, Synthesis Clinic Director and an award-winning Oxbridge-trained medical doctor with over a decade's experience in integrative health, and Octavia Hamilton, expert physiotherapist with Pilates, medical acupuncture and ScarWork training. 

The podcast is created by our team in our own time without external sponsorship, and we really appreciate any support that our community can give us to help us with production costs. We hope you enjoy the podcast, and we would love to know what you think. Please do rate and share the podcast on your favourite platform to spread the word. You can contact us on [email protected] with ideas and feedback, we love hearing from our listeners.