My artist name is Miu. I’m currently working on my first webtoon called “The Jumping Locket”. I have a lot of thoughts about this story. Will it become popular? Will the readers like my characters AND the storyline? The genre is gonna be dark fantasy with drama and action. I want to create an hybrid I personally would love to read. This is what I am looking for when I open the Webtoon App.

Currently I finished coloring only three panels on the first episode because I still have doubts about how it looks. I’m doing my best to make it look smooth and cool. As soon as I finish, I will release it on Webtoon CANVAS. I’m working on the official thumbnails as well. I hope I will release the first episode by the next month.

My dream is to make webtoons for a living.

  • Every kind of donation will be used to create this series and future ones!