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AuthenticationX ✨

Nov 02, 2021

After the great success that I got in this library, Used in production by Cactus & Talentuno LLC, Its time to back to the origins of Opensource Side

As Many people know AuthenticationX is a Library to use for authentication and Authorization for your FastAPI Project.

- Now its support Py3.10.

- Extensible base user model.

- Ready-to-use register, login, reset the password and verify e-mail routes.

- Ready-to-use Social login and Oauth2 routes. (now with Google, Facebook).

- Ready-to-use social OAuth2 login flow.

- Documentation Built by Mkdocs.

And the happiest thing is the Review of Tiangolo the Creator of FastAPI that approves most of the functionality as great addons.

- Documentation: https://authx.yezz.codes/

- Repository: https://github.com/yezz123/AuthX

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