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Hey Guys... This is Paula Mulamula aka Sima Theophan (which ever works for you lol) of Talkshitwithp!! Why Talk Shit With P you ask? Well to be honest it is because i shit talk a lot so figured why not get an audience for it, crazy right? i also like listening to myself talk; i mean have you heard my voice? lol Talk Shit With P is a safe place to talk shit. We engage ourselves in all & every topic and welcome any/every body on-board; we encourage you to join in, engage, argue & debate but also let's respect each others opinions, values and point of view as i am sure we can educate each other while respecting each other. Also; if there's a topic you are interested in or want to be apart of please do get in touch.... YES! we take in guests so let's have fun and learn somethings just remember these are my opinions and views and you are entitled to yours. Give Me A Chance & find me on Instagram & Twitter @Talkshitwithp