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When you buy me a coffee, you allow me to hold someone's hand and guide them through their darkest night and into a brand new day.

Taneshia Kerr is an experienced Marketing Communicator with a demonstrated history of excellence in small and mid-sized organizations. Taneshia was recently invited to the exclusive Forbes Business Council and named Interim President & CEO of the Greater Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce. She has a wealth of experience working with nonprofit organizations and is skilled in Corporate Communication, Event Logistics, Public Speaking, Media Relations, and Business Leadership. With Masters degrees in both Business Administration (Marketing) and Pastoral Ministry from La Sierra University, Taneshia is an expert at dovetailing business priorities and relationship development. A Licensed Counselor, she is committed to her ministry of helping others navigate stress recovery, growth and goal alignment.

Each of us has moments when we feel stretched too thin. We get swallowed up by circumstances that seem beyond our abilities. We feel under-qualified for the phase we're in and overwhelmed by the demands of life. If this is how you feel, welcome to my life! After giving birth to one & a half pound micro-preemie twins and seeing them two years of quarantine, I thought the hardest thing life could throw at me was in the rear view mirror. But then my marriage fell apart and I was on the brink of homelessness with toddler twins by my side. Today my name is followed by the words "Interim President & CEO" and what a journey it has been! My story is an inspiring one but even more powerful are the lessons I learned that can help YOU chart a course from where you are to where you want to be.

Take a journey with me. I'll share how to protect your heart, find your strength, be grounded in your purpose like a tree with deep roots; then move forward with clarity and confidence. My goal is to give you resources to help you understand how you respond to stress, then
chart your own unique path to coping, recovery, alignment and growth.

When you buy me a coffee, you allow me to hold someone's hand and guide them through their darkest night and into a brand new day.

To see more of what I do visit WWW.TANESHIAKERR.COM